Saturday, January 2, 2016

Without Music...

So this is a little off topic of what I intended this blog to be about, or is it? Still working on that lol!

For practically my whole life I have felt, and have been deeply inspired, by music. Lyrics, singing, guitars, drums, wind instruments, and all those beautiful sounds that seemingly "lift" my spirits and traject me into a good mood. It seems a rather common phenomenon that people can change their entire attitude by hearing a song. Yes, that's music folks!

I'm still experiencing a loss at the passing of "Rusty" Russ (les) Paul Jr. on New Years Eve... When I heard of his transformation to the spirit world, I felt a sense of loss in my spirit - like another piece of music has died and left us.

I cannot image this life - this world - without music!

What would somberly comfort us in times of sorrow?

What would help us celebrate joyous moments?

What if... we existed in a world without music?

Friday, December 18, 2015

My New (FREE) Blog

Many, many years ago the Blogger platform was a very reliable and effective method in SEO and search rank techniques. I used to use it quite effectively to create backlinks and push websites up in the SERPS. I originally used several of these free Blogger platforms to generate high ranking, lots of traffic, and subsequent Adsense revenue, but those days are all but gone. Unfortunately, (I think) the method has little, if any, effect or usefulness in the current SEO arena.

Over the years, SEO and the way that search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! associate backlinks and other external influences on websites, has changed substantially. Although good, backlinks play less of a role in ranking than what they used to. It doesn't matter if the backlink is from a high PR website or blog, links are simply becoming practically irrelevant... Since Google no longer updates Toolbar Page Rank, it's no wonder that links are becoming less, and less essential for ranking.

So the purpose of this new blog is two-fold:

First, I want to conduct some experiments to see how things like backlinks and Blogger perform in the SERPS - especially on Google's own platform.

Second, I want to utilize this free platform (Which will be live and never expire) until the end of time so it is available to to others.

Well, for today that will be it.
I'm hoping to be able to commit to at least one post per week...

Have a great day! ;-)