Saturday, January 2, 2016

Without Music...

So this is a little off topic of what I intended this blog to be about, or is it? Still working on that lol!

For practically my whole life I have felt, and have been deeply inspired, by music. Lyrics, singing, guitars, drums, wind instruments, and all those beautiful sounds that seemingly "lift" my spirits and traject me into a good mood. It seems a rather common phenomenon that people can change their entire attitude by hearing a song. Yes, that's music folks!

I'm still experiencing a loss at the passing of "Rusty" Russ (les) Paul Jr. on New Years Eve... When I heard of his transformation to the spirit world, I felt a sense of loss in my spirit - like another piece of music has died and left us.

I cannot image this life - this world - without music!

What would somberly comfort us in times of sorrow?

What would help us celebrate joyous moments?

What if... we existed in a world without music?